Troubleshooting with Globaledit LINK

Janine Joffe -

If you are struggling with logging in or basic functionality in LINK, follow the below steps:

1. Quit the LINK application by going to the menu bar and clicking Globaledit LINK in the menu bar and selecting 'quit' in the dropdown menu


2. Quit Aspera Connect by going to the menu bar and click 'IBM Aspera Connect' and selecting 'Quit IBM Aspera Connect' from the dropdown menu


3. Now that both applications are closed, reopen Aspera first, as this sequence is crucial. Launch Aspera and verify that it is opened on your dock. 


4. Open up Globaledit LINK
and enter in your login credentials


5. Check the box 'Use Aspera for High Speed Uploads & Downloads' so that you can utilize Aspera and click 'Login'


You have successfully entered the platform!


If you continue to have issues, please reach out to us at


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