Color Profiles

Perrie Schad -

Color Profiles on globaledit
We do our best to present the most accurate representation of all files ingested into globaledit. The only universally supported color profile across all web systems is the sRGB color space.
In order to adhere to this standard and to present the best color accuracy, we take the parameters of the incoming color profile, should they not match, and convert the color mapping to the sRGB color space.
Some minor visual data loss is possible in this conversion since not all exact colors exist in all profiles.The best way around this limitation is to convert to the sRGB color space and embed the sRGB profile into your source images before uploading. This way, the same color profile will be reflected across all platforms and there will be no differences between file versions or formats.
How is a file converted?
When a file is uploaded to globaledit in a color profile other than sRGB, such as a TIFF file in Adobe RGB 1998, a copy of the file with the original color profile is committed to memory and the information contained in that color profile is mapped to its counterpart in the sRGB color space. This file is then taken out of memory and written as a JPEG for each of the preview/thumbnail sizes available on the system.
What can I do to maximize color accuracy?
Convert your original source files to the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color space and embed the sRGB profile before uploading them to globaledit.
Things to Remember
As always, source files retain all original information. When you download a file, the original color profile will also stay intact, regardless of what color profile it was converted to via globaledit or what our online preview looks like.
Your own personal computer monitor, iPhone or iPad screen, as well as environmental lighting situation also plays a factor in the way in which you see color, and can vary between devices running globaledit and the globaledit iOS app.
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